Clients benefit from our varied and complementary skills, applied to meet their specific needs. We help clients understand today's diverse technology options, craft and implement the best solutions.

Website design

Do you need a completely new website? Just some updates? Shaw Consulting can help. We have provided many clients with the help that they need, when they need it. Several of our clients maintain their own websites and call on us for special needs.


We have provided small, medium and large programming projects for clients. Our projects have ranged from medical practical quality system, retail website, reporting applications, order taking web services, internal/external websites. Just ask, changes are we have experience that can benefit you.


Companies have a variety of needs for advanced networking. Do you need to support employees on the road, or from home? We can help.

Redundancy isn't just for large businesses. We have designed cold site storage implementations, systems/networks with redundancy for small and large companies. We build the solution to meet your needs and your budget.

System management

Many small and medium sized companies have IT needs that are not steady enough to hire a staff. These companies still want IT personnel that know their systems, look out for the health of their systems, and don't need time to come up to speed every time there is a need.

We help clients maintain their servers, solve periodic problems as they arise, acquire new systems as needed, and grow their systems as the business grows.

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